How long does the pack last?

- LED kit and Whitening Pen: 2-4 weeks with a daily application

- Toothpaste contains 80ml gel, suitable for daily use

- Whitening Powder: on average 1month+ with daily use.

Will the whitening harm my teeth or enamel?

Absolutely not! We use a mix of natural whitening treatment and pure essential oils to not only give you pearly whites, but strengthen your teeth as well.

Is the powder safe for daily use?

Yes! We designed this whitening powder to be easy on gums and to whiten using natural ingredients.

Does the powder taste bad?

Not at all! Despite being charcoal activated, we the whitening powder has a neutral taste - with a slight charcoal aftertaste (not at all overpowering). 

What is the bristle hardness on the toothbrush?

Soft, perfect for sensitive gums.