Hello Smile

LED Kit Whitening Gel Refill


Already have the LED kit? Keep your smile looking amazing with our refill gels! Packed with our exclusive vegan friendly teeth whitening formula. Cruelty free and dentist approved, our formula is designed to give you results up to two times faster than the competition.

    3 x Syringes of x 3ml Hello Smile Whitening Gel. Specially formulated dental-grade, vegan friendly gels to dramatically increase the whiteness of your teeth.

    Designed to last 6-8 Applications



    This is a subscription based product. You will receive you product periodically every 30 days.

    Subscription may only be cancelled after 1 periodic payment. For example, minimum term on 30 day subscription is exactly 1 month from your first order. 

    Cancellation after minimum term is absolutely free, and processed within 48 hours.

    Subscription will automatically renew until cancelled.

    Please email support@thehellosmile.com for all subscription related enquiries and cancellations

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